unnamedI graduated from Penn Foster College as a Travel and Tourism Specialist and passed the National TAP exam from the Travel Institute. I am a member of the Cruise Line International Association (CL.I.A.) and take cruise-related classes annually that keep me up-to-date on industry standards.

Longing to enjoy the turquoise-blue waters and white sands of the Caribbean? That’s my specialty! But I can share information on many other destinations of interest as well, such as Alaska, the Mexican Riviera or the Mediterranean. Using my expertise of the Caribbean, I can help guide you to the destinations that best suit your interests and answer any questions you may have. As an independent travel specialist, I am able to provide you with the highest level of personalized customer service, and that’s what will impress you the most when we come together to plan your perfect vacation!

I took my first cruise on my honeymoon with my wife more than 17 years ago and have been hooked on cruising ever since. Over time I transformed my love and knowledge of Caribbean cruises into a home-based travel agency. Planning your vacation should be fun and exciting! Whether you are a new or repeat cruiser, I want to share my expertise and enthusiasm for cruising with you and help you enjoy the same wonderful experiences I had when booking my cruises. Let’s get started today!